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Foundry Resins

Superior Technology for Cold Box, Warm Box, Hot Box and No Bake Processes.

Resin Coated Sand
Resin Coated Sand

Shell Sand products tailored to your process and environmental needs.

Refractory Coatings
Refractory Coatings

Proven Coatings for a wide variety of alloys and applications.

No-Bake Binder System

HAI's newest Phenolic Urethane No Bake (PUNB) Resin system, BioSet T-Series, has been designed to improve the foundry environment while offering the same performance characteristics of leading PUNB systems.

This Low Smoke, Low Odor binder system contains very low levels of HAPs and has been formulated to contain no reportable formaldehyde.


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Amine Reclamation

HA International now offers our customers an environmentally conscientious alternative to scrubber solution waste disposal created during Phenolic Urethane Cold Box (PUCB) processing.

With HAI's HARP program, Our Sigma Cat Amines are now recovered to virgin specifications using the latest innovations in process technology.



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Our EcoMission

HAI is committed to leading the mission to foundry environmental sustainability with our EcoMission classification.


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News and Product Updates

HA International is committed to the continuous improvement of our products and services with the ongoing goal of improving productivity, product performance and value for our customers.

Please view the most recent changes to our products and services and read our latest news and business highlights.



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