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Product Information

351673 - 18-415 Alkyd Resin

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Product Line Description:

The Alkyd Resin systems are being used to produce castings in all types of ferrous and non-ferrous foundries. They are used to produce small to large cores and molds. They are especially useful in making very large molds that can take several hours to complete. The Alkyd Resins can have a very long work time and still achieve maximum strength when completely cured.

Health & Safety Information:

Residues of this product may be spontaneously combustible; spill residues, contaminated clothing and PPE, and similar materials must be submerged in water and tightly sealed in a container to eliminate the potential for spontaneous fire. Customers must train their employees to recognize and manage this hazard.

Carefully review the MSDS for safety information that may be relevant to your operations. Develop the means to manage product hazards before ordering. Contact our product safety group if you require assistance in understanding or managing these issues.