Wedron Flux

Metal Processing Solutions For Every Application

Molten Metal Processing

HAI's Wedron Flux, a name synonymous with quality and integrity, provides the aluminum casting industry with a complete line of functional systems, products and technical services that are environmentally friendly and can be tailored to your individual production needs.

Pure and Simple

The old adage “Garbage In Equals Garbage Out” applies to molten metal processing. That’s why it’s so important to start your casting process with clean, oxide and hydrogen free, molten aluminum.

With Wedron Flux in your metal preparation process, you can produce cleaner degassed alloys, reduce the overall metal content of your dross, and keep your furnaces running clean and efficient.

The end result is a cleaner, stronger casting alloy.

Products & Equipment

For more information view our Product Brochure of manual and injection grade fluxes, equipment, graphite shafts and rotors.