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CHEMEX Feeding Systems

Investing In Innovation For Every Casting Challenge

Finally, casting feeder technology that produces a shrinkage free casting while decreasing production costs on even the most complex designs.

Patented Tele-feeder Systems are especially ideal for complex castings including intricate designs and rapid molding processes. This technology uniquely allows feeder placement in previously inaccessible locations.

Significant Benefits:

  • Increases productivity with higher yield and faster cleaning time
  • Increases quality with reduced casting scrap and rework
  • Reduces environmental footprint with reduced energy
  • Expands the locations for feeder placement
  • Reduces surface defects with fluorine-free material

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The ultimate metal feeding technology – is finally here!
In addition to increasing the quality of your intricate castings, this dimensionally stable material with high pressure resistance can be stored for long periods of time.

CHEMEX Portfolio

CHEMEX Feeding Systems are the most versatile material on the market today and can be found enhancing all casting-types with the following product offerings:

  • Tele-Feeder Systems
  • Classic Designs
  • Contour Breaker Core Technology




Environmental advantages:

  • Oven-curing of cold-box (CB-bonded feeder) is not required, unlike other manufacturing methods. Therefore, energy and natural resources within our manufacturing process are reduced.
  • One of the byproducts of the energy industry is an important raw material used in the production of CB-bonded feeders. By using this material we again add to the conservation of resources.
  • By applying this raw material we achieve a lower density of our products. This results in an improvement in ergonomics while saving handling and energy costs in transport.
  • Our feeders also contain an extremely low fluorine content. This results in a reduction of the fluorine content in the molding sand, which in turn leads to a decrease of scrap.
  • Chemex feeders achieve a higher casting yield. This means that the energy input is reduced for every casting.

We are pleased to bring this energy efficient, higher productivity, environmentally friendly metal feeding technology to the foundry industry.

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