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Dura Kote

Water Based - Environmentally Sound

Dura Kote

Dura Kote is a water based Refractory Coating designed specifically for Jobbing applications. Dura Kote is specifically designed for use with all No Bake sands and is extremely effective when used in the production of large section iron and steel castings. Formulated with water, Dura Kote is an environmentally sound refractory coating that provides low VOC, low HAP, and low odor.

Performance Factors

  • Cast large section steel with a variety of refractories
  • Used with all No Bake resin systems.
  • Proven effective in the production of valves, compressor parts and various process machinery.
  • Proven effective for flow coating heavy metal sectioned molds.

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Flow Coat:


80° - 85°

80° - 85°

75° - 80°

Product Line

Three variations of Dura Kote are currently offered to allow for optimal operation at the foundry. For more information view our Jobbing Market Refractory Coatings Product Line Presentation.

Item* Description Refractory Packaging
357739 Dura Kote Z 95% Zircon 950 lb Drum, 60 lb Pail, 4000 lb Tote
368774 Dura Kote TZ Tabular Alumina/Zircon 900 lb Drum, 60 lb Pail, 4000 lb Tote
368884 Dura Kote T 100% Tabular Alumina 900 lb Drum, 60 lb Pail, 4000 lbTote

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What makes Dura Kote products of choice?
Dura Kote products, with a water based carrier, are low HAP, low VOC, and low Odor. It also incorporates newer, cost effective refractories in its formulations.

Q2: What is the difference with the “Z” Formula, “TZ” Formula and the “T” formula?
The Z formula contains 95% Zircon as its refractory. The TZ formula contains a blend of Tabular Alumina and Zircon to promote a more cost effective, yet robust system. The “T” formula is 100% Tabular Alumina and is the most cost competitive of the Dura Kote products.

Q3: How is Dura Kote applied?
Dura Kote can be flowcoated, sprayed and brushed.

Q4: What are the current packaging options?
The Dura Kote product line is available in pails, drums, and totes.

Q5: Will the Dura Kote products work on different types of sand systems and binder systems?
Yes, Dura Kote is designed for all No Bake resin systems.