Techni Kote

Minimum use with maximum protection

Techni Kote

Techni Kote is a water based refractory coating designed specifically for serial production operations. Techni Kote is specifically designed for use with Cold Box systems and is extremely effective when used in a dip application. Formulated with water, Techni Kote is an environmentally sound refractory coating that provides low VOC, low HAP, and low odor.

Performance Factors

  • Designed for urethane cold-box bonded sands
  • Reduces and or completely eliminates sand additives
  • Excellent oven drying characteristics, does not blister or crack
  • Elimination of metal penetration and thermal expansion related casting defects
  • Minimum use to insure dimensional accuracy
  • High gas permeability
  • Increased coating mileage

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